Monday, December 29, 2008

And One More Bit Of News...

09.01.05 mf_126

I am having a small show at B2, the awesome coffee shop in South Philly. It turns out the opening reception is on Valentine's Day! I am going to go nuts and cover the walls with photographs. I do love my photographs quite a bit. It should be a nice evening, so try to come check it out. More info later.

Everyone Is Awesome All The Time!


I have a couple photographs in Mark Price's latest zine:

(24 page screen printed 'zine + mini photo zine insert)

New issue features screenprinted drawings by Isaac T. Lin, Sumi Ink Club, Brian Blomerth, Magnus Clausen, Micheal Gerkavich, Wendy Jane Hyatt, Brooke Inman, Jason Kaschadorian, Noah Lyon, Creeper w/ SaltySnacks, Annette Monnier, Alex Nagel, Greg Pizzoli, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Dan Short, Lance Simmons, and Miriam Singer. Mini photo zine insert featuring Jason Hsu, Katrina Von Ponyfeather, Dan Murphy, Mike Fleming, and Wendy Jane Hyatt. Limited edition of 200.

For more info:

I Forgot- I Have Some Prints In A Show

I have three photographs in a pretty awesome show at 222 Gallery here in Philadelphia. Here's what they have to say about it:

This exhibition plays off the pretentious nature of the group show, which over time has grown to be ubiquitous, all encompassing, prolific, and aspiring to be bigger and better with every manifestation. By exaggerating the title, and striving to showcase the variety of talent within our company's expanding, bi-coastal network (primarily the talent present in Philadelphia), GROUP SHOW will overwhelm the visitor through walls packed with art in the salon-style, showing up to 3 works from established and emerging artists, including Ryan Beck, Maureen Duffy, David Ellis, Emily Erb, John Freeborn, Futura, Ryan McGinness, Diana Meaker, Todd St. John, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Trā Sipple, and many more.

Monday thru Friday
9-5, or by appointment

215.873.0750 x102

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The other week, I mailed off a copy of my book, Vague Vagaries, to J&L Books. Maybe these will bring me luck.

08.12.06 mf_498

08_09_11- 11

Photos In The New Issue Of SLICE!

again! see my old post about SLICE here