Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back from Belgium!

I had a very quick trip to Belgium to install "Eternity" at STUK, the main venue for the Artefact Festival 2013. I can't say enough good things about STUK and the people there- it's an incredible, incredible place with wonderful, wonderful people! I was unable to stay for the opening and the 12 days of the festival, but I heard it was a great success. Here are a few photos:

13.02.11 MF_044a
lots of bikes

13.02.11 MF_015a

13.02.11 MF_010a
installation in progress

13.02.11 MF_071a
lots of banners!

13.02.11 MF_032a
great signage

13.02.11 MF_020a

13.02.11 MF_022a
exhibition space

New Work

Spread Out Balloons
13.02.04 MF_81

Cash 4 Gold
An arrow sign used in human advertisement is disembodied from its human owner and hovers in the air, spinning pathetically
13.02.18 MF_082_web

Liminal Zone
A floating glass plane reveals a hidden light box text on the ceiling, converging two planes of space into one


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Point

"You are born into a society and you are shaped by it, whether you know it or not, or whether you like it or not. Each of us is born into a prison of received opinion, superstitions, and of prejudices. Now one of the functions of art is to try and define the prison. A) The artist must know they are in it, and many of them don’t know they are in it and those are the bad artists; they don’t see past those bars. The prison is going to break you eventually but you can at least get a look out, and it is the look out that is art. Try to see the thing whole is what we all want and why we write. There is no purpose to life or point to life other than what you invest by in yourself by your own actions. The making of a book or music or your own creation is to try to hold the moment and give it a certain order and bring order out of chaos and say 'here it is, seen whole, even though of course it really isn’t.'”
-Gore Vidal


"It is imperative that we give up the idea of ultimate sources of knowledge, and admit that all knowledge is human; that it is mixed up with our errors, our prejudices, our dreams, our hopes; that all we can do is to grope for the truth even though it is beyond our reach."
- Karl Popper

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cyberfest in St. Petersburg, Russia

The 6th International Festival for Cybernetic Art ( aka CYBERFEST) was held in St. Petersburg, 23-28 November 2012. Alicia and I were invited to install "Eternity" and we had an amazing experience. Here are a few photos. Learn more about Cyberfest on their website.

12.11.25 MF_120

12.11.25 MF_107

12.11.25 MF_101

12.11.25 MF_102

New Work

Two more works made during my first semester at Alfred.

Mylar Balloon in Rain
installation dimensions variable
silver mylar balloon, water, pond pump, vinyl tubing, steel, wood, aircraft cable

12.10.10 MF_024_FINAL_flat

12.10.10 MF_138

Bubble Wands
7" x .125" x 1"
7" x .125" 1.5"
acrylic, bubble solution

12.12.10 MF_01_web

12.12.05 MF_70

12.12.10 MF_02_web

12.12.05 MF_56