Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Stuff

Cynthia Connolly is pretty awesome. After seeing some photographs of hers in the upcoming issue of The Fretboard Journal, i realized i've seen her work and heard her name at random times throughout the years. I definitely consider Cynthia to be contributing to the gradual changing of the photographic medium that is currently taking place unconciously by photographers/artists who continue to react to their environment and share it with the world via a camera apparatus.

On a related note, i am continually obsessed with trying to pin down current trends and practices that will give us any clue as to where photography and/or our methods/means of visual consumption will be heading in the future. This is all due to a college professor who got me interested in Futurism- not the art movement, but the scientific prediction and philosophical discussion of the future. I guess it's all about fun- it feels very playful, like a game, or gambling- trying to spot the glaring signs of where we're headed, knowing that we can't quite see them, even though they are all around us. They always are, as we discover years later, in hindsight. The secrets of the rest of our lives were right under our noses the whole time.

Photos below are Cynthia Connolly's- definitely not mine
See some more HERE

all above photographs by Cynthia Connolly

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juliet said...

Hey Mike,
That was a great talk we had last night. let me know if you need any help deciphering the bizarre language and social movements of women. I started a blog on here, too, I was so inspired.
You really have your own thing going on in your pictures. You really carved out your own little window in this world. It's harder to do that than most people think.