Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Much Posting

I want to post on this blog all the rarely actually happens, as you can tell...this is my constant dilemma- i just like being out in the world and such way more than sitting down in front of a computer and trying to collect all the crazy things i've scribbled in my notebook in the past week....BUT, i do seem to enjoy constantly barraging my brain with things....and it's continually bursting with a desire to share, and to engage with others...i guess this blog is my attempt at trying to force myself into the cultural conversation- because i need it! i need things to barrage myself with! i don't think my desire to engage in dialogue and continue saturating myself with photography/art/creativity/sociological/political topics will ever wane...i'm bursting with enthusiasm! so i don't know what i'm doing...i'll just keep this up, despite its flat, one-sided format....and hopefully i can have some more face to face interaction, and good ol' organic, adventurous conversation....

have you read the jim goldberg interview in the new ANP? holy crap it's awesome...go get yourself an issue:

I'm on a huge political kick lately....i re-discovered Tim Davis' incredible book "My Life In Politics" (images here) (book here) which speaks incredible volumes to me....a less exciting exploration, but still worth checking out, Christopher Morris' "My America"

Have you seen Journeys With George? This documentary should be mandatory viewing for every single U.S. citizen.  

I still have a bunch of stuff i want to post from AIPAD......and i'm sure i'll have more to post after attending this weeks New York Photo Festival
I'm excited about the film night that is taking well as hearing what Simon Norfolk and Penelope Umbrico have to say....

On a random side note, i did discover a crazy "double" or whatever the last page of aperture calls these happenstance parallels- Umbrico's Suns From Flickr, and one of the most amazing short films i have ever seen: Cassandra C. Jones' Eventide, a "Snap-Motion Re-Animation made from 1,391 found photographs of the sunset" in which the artist has lined up the sun in the center of the frame, no matter where it lies within the original photograph's frame, and it does a complete cycle of rising and setting.  Hard to explain but it is an incredible piece. 

Time to go to the park!

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