Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meg Baird for SPIN Magazine




Don't ask me how these things happen. I had the extreme good fortune of getting a random phone call from the Spin photo editor, who apparently got my name via the classic friend-of-a-friend chain. But she loved my site and set me up to shoot Meg Baird, member of Espers, who is also doing well with her solo material (and plays with her sister in The Baird Sisters). I was very psyched, and the shoot was awesome. Meg is to be featured in a longer story about the Philly music scene. I'll be curious to see what Spin will run- time will tell. I hope I get some more jobs like this!


napoleon says said...

oh flem.
do you know how much i'd give to shoot for SPIN?
you're so lucky.
mr schrott

Anonymous said...

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