Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Problem With Society...

IS....(drumroll, please): "...authoritarians. Power freaks. Rigid dogmatists. Those greedy, underloved, undersexed twits who want to run everything. While the rest of us are busy living- busy tasting and testing and hugging and kissing and goofing and growing- they are busy taking over. Soon their sour tentacles are around everything: our governments, our economies, our schools, our publications, our arts and our religious institutions. Men who lust for power, who are addicted to laws and other unhealthy abstractions, who long to govern and lead and censor and order and reward and punish; those men are the turds of Moloch, men who don't know how to love, men who are sickly afraid of death and therefore are afraid of life: they fear all that is chaotic and unruly and free-moving and changing- thus...they fear nature and fear life itself...They are the most frightened and most frightening mammals who prowl the planet; love-less, anal-compulsive control-freak authoritarians, and they are destroying everything that is wise and beautiful and free." Well put, Tom.

from Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

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