Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everything from the "In No Time" Show

Hey all,
The opening in Philly was amazing. Two videos are posted below, so you can see for yourself, as well as some photographs.

I wanted to thank Philebrity and Space1026 for posting about the show and helping us spread some excitement. I also want to thank Roberta Fallon for coming to check out our show, and for including us in a write up on the ArtBlog. You can see the article HERE.

Eternity from Alicia Eggert on Vimeo.

This video shows the piece 45 minutes before and after ETERNITY at 300 times the actual speed.






Last but not least, I'm happy for the Philebrity commenter who posted a link to this amazingly similar piece of artwork by Christiaan Postma.


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