Friday, May 6, 2011

New Work From Alfred University

I was fortunate enough to have been called back to Alfred by some graduate students who wanted me to photograph their artwork. Here is a small sampling. As always, the exceptional caliber of work being produced at that school continually blows my mind.

11.04.30 MF_128

11.04.30 MF_142

11.04.30 MF_019

11.04.30 MF_068

11.04.30 MF_102

11.04.30 MF_075
Work by Lisa Demagall

11.05.01 MF_132

11.05.01 MF_144

11.05.01 MF_161

11.05.01 MF_173
Work by Virginia Griswold

11.05.02 MF_028
Work by Meghan Smythe. Installed in the abandoned post office in Hornell, NY.

11.05.01 MF_007

11.05.01 MF_052

11.05.01 MF_059
Work by Jordan McDonald

11.05.03 MF_058

11.05.03 MF_028
Details of video installations by Elisabeth Pellathy.

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