Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, The Artist Statement

Charles Flowers writing about Elliot Erwitt:

"...[he] does not like hoity-toity, artsy scirbbling about his photos. That's neither faux naivete nor an inability to recognize aesthetic issues. Rather, it is his choice to engage the viewer as human being- without reference to trends, techniques, or historical elements in photography. In a sense, the less one knows about such things, the more immediate will be the response in the story of his kind of photo."

I don't like talking about my work. How do you talk about your work when it is about all of life and living and being alive? It's a bit overwhelming.

A small thought that i wrote in an email to a friend:

"all humanity is kinda like a team! individuals, we know we can't do it all, can't experience it we need eachother to fill in those blanks and spaces that we ourselves- alone- will never is what we use as currency to give to each other; it is the mortar we pack into those empty spaces...i guess the object of the game, the goal, is to simply experience life and all it's beauty to the fullest extent...."

09.02.09 mf_011

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