Friday, February 20, 2009

Some News And Such

Okay, first and foremost, thanks to all the wonderful friends and strangers that came out on Valentine's Day to my opening. It was amazing. Thanks to all the kind and talented individuals behind the posts and write-ups that helped spread the word. And thanks to Nancy, Kat, and everyone at B2 for taking care of so many details that allowed me to just relax and have fun.

I didn't take any photos from the opening, but i know my mom did- and i would be psyched to post her photos once she has them developed. Here is a photo documenting the exterior, and the 4 dozen balloons that i ordered and tied to the stop signs out front:

09.02.17 MF_158

and when it snowed giant snowflakes for a short spell just after 8 o'clock:

09.02.17 MF_167

Picture 5

I wasn't going to post about it just yet- but my website is finally being updated! A guy named Luke Strosnider caught the change, and wrote a nice little piece about it on his blog, Touching Harms The Art.

Mike Fleming’s work hones in on those little visual bits that, depending upon your disposition, are either dull or sublime. (I find they fit both definitions, which complicates matters infinitely.) They’re quiet, goofy, honest, and odd; all embodiments of Arbus’s notion of “a secret about a secret.” Mysterious and obvious. Heart-wrenchingly ridiculous. Great.

His website fits the work perfectly. “Choose your own adventure” through his photography: start by clicking an image on the big grid. Do it again, and again, travel deeper into the grid, and watch as the juxtapositions reveal and obscure possible meanings and tweak a host of emotions. With images like Mike’s, this is what it’s all about.

Ryan Hinkel is the awesome talent behind the transposing of my photographs and all they embody into the world wide web language and architecture. More work will be added soon.


"The Wind Is A Creature With Many Heads Like Those Of A Dog" is the title of a book that I made last year that contains photographs from my travels through 5 countries in Central America in 2006. This book is in a limited edition of 16, and I still have some left. They are $30.00


I have a couple copies of Vague Vagaries lying around that didn't sell at my opening. I want to mail them off to some prospective publishers- does anyone have any suggestions?

And, lastly, another day at the library:

09.02.17 MF_196

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