Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Have Been BUSY!

I have been collaborating with my partner, Alicia Eggert. One of our first projects was "A Trailing Off Into Silence," a short-term outdoor installation made with maple leaves infected by the fungus Rhytisma.



09.11.09 MF_58

Our next piece was a site specific installtion at the Random Room Gallery in donwton Alfred, NY entitled "A Grand Opening For Gravity." It consisted of a false ceiling out of which over 400 feet of multi-colored triangle pennant flags dropped through a small hole. The flags slowly formed a large pile on the gallery floor over the period of 4 hours. In close proximity, a wall-mounted unit framed an endlessly scrolling string of flags bathed in an eerie fluorescent light.

09.11.24 Flyer lettersize

09.12.11 MF_29web

09.12.11 MF_39web


26" x 72" x 13" shadow box; installation dimensions variable

400 feet of pennant flags, 10 RPM motor, false ceiling, wood shadow box, fluorescent lighting

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