Monday, December 21, 2009

Living Pictures!

At the end of the term, the foundation classes at Alfred University put on this amazing event called "Tableau Vivant."

The words Tableau Vivant roughly translate to living picture and usually refer to a live re-enactment of a work of art. For your final project of Fall semester Foundations you will each collaborate to create a Tableau Vivant that is inspired by a work of art. The event will take place on December 7th at 7pm in Holmes. make sure to invite friends and family… it’s usually an amazingly fun event!

It was amazing! Each group moved frantically to position their backdrops and props- mostly made on fabric or cardboard. After a brief introduction by a member of the group, the lights would dim, music would start playing, and a short little skit was acted out. The actors would eventually freeze in the position necessary to create the closest replica of the artwork, which would suddenly appear projected on the upper right on the auditorium screen. After the pause and applause, they would quickly close out their skit and then scramble to break down while the next group set up.

I was super impressed at the effort that went into the performances. I'm sure so many art lovers would get a kick out of this event, and I'm curious if similar events occur regularly elsewhere. Here are a few snapshots:

09.12.11 MF_02

09.12.11 MF_04

09.12.11 MF_03

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