Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yeah! A New Post- and it's about other dimensions!

I stumbled upon another story, this time in audio form, that i would like to share with as many people as possible. It is called The Street That Wasn't There by Clifford D. Simak and Carl Jacoby.

An old man is taking a walk, the same walk he has taken every single day for decades. But on this particular day, a street is missing- it just isn't there, nor is their evidence that it ever was there. He returns home and pulls an old book off his shelf. He begins reading his own words, from a theory he posed in his earlier years- a theory which saw him expelled from his prestigious university position and completely ostracized by the scientific community.

"Man himself, by the power of mass suggestion, holds the physical fate of this earth...seeing trees as trees, houses as houses, streets as streets, and not as something else. Minds that see things as they are and have kept things as they were. Destroy those minds and the entire foundation of matter, robbed of its regenerative power, will crumble and slip away like a column of sand."

"Granting, then, that the power of men's minds alone holds this universe, or at least this world, in its present form, why not go further and envision other minds in some other plane, watching us, waiting- waiting craftily for the time they can take over the domination of matter."

"Other worlds lie in juxtaposition with ours. Perhaps the day will come when our plane, our world, will dissolve beneath our feet and before our eyes as some stronger intelligence reaches out from the dimensional shadows of the very space we live in and wrests from us the matter which we know to be our own."

With massive plagues and war diminishing the earth's population, could he be that his theory is correct, and about to be proven at this very instant?

Get psyched!

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